Video Production

Our primary focus is to create videos that help promote/market Truman State University’s brand to our external audiences, with a strong focus on the recruitment of new students. This office does not do video recording of lectures or guest speakers visiting campus. (You may be able to get video production assistance from Truman’s Media Network External Productions for video recording of lectures or guest speakers. Prices vary depending on the type of video project, and all payments are made to the Truman Media Network. Contact TMN External Productions through the Communication Department office.)


Video requests must be made at least two months in advance. Like all Truman publications and signage, videos must comply with all brand guidelines covered on this site.

Research and Google Analytics tell us viewers start to lose interest around the 30-second mark into a video, so videos produced will likely be 30-60 seconds long.  The video must be conceptually simple and able to get the point across quickly. It is important to understand creating a minute-long video can take up to 12 hours of staff time; it is a very long and detailed process.

Committee Review

Due to the volume of requests and the time invested, all requests are reviewed by a committee to assess the promotional value of the video and how it helps market the brand. Submitting a request does not guarantee project approval. All video requests will go through a review process to determine whether or not they meet the branding criteria for moving the University forward.

Video Request Form

Making Your Own Video?

The Video Guidelines provide information on general standards, preferred video format, accessibility, copyright, and the steps for placing your video on the Truman website.

Video Guidelines