FAQ: Identity and Logos

Have questions about the proper use of colors, logos, University names and more? Here are some of the more frequent questions we get asked. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact Teresa Wheeler in the Publications Office, twheeler@truman.edu.


Truman’s school colors are purple (Pantone 2607 C) and white.

Truman purpleThe official color for the purple used in the Truman logo is Pantone 2607 C.* However, we realize variations of the color of purple cannot always be controlled when selecting purple for T-shirts, sports uniforms, street banners, promotional items, etc.; often there is only one purple to choose from for such items.

*To match the PMS 2607 C Purple used for the Truman logo, here are other color options:

Hex #510C76
C: 82  M: 100  Y: 18  K:12
R: 81  G: 12  B: 118

The approved Primary and Secondary Colors of Truman should be used when applying any aspect of the Truman Identity when possible. For applications where full color isn’t available, the use of Black and White is acceptable.

Primary Purple
PMS 2607 C
Hex #510C76
C: 82  M: 100  Y: 18  K:12
R: 81  G: 12  B: 118
Truman purple
Secondary Gold
PMS 872 C
Hex #87714D
C: 43  M: 48  Y: 74 K: 18
R: 135  G: 113  B: 77
Truman color palette includes gold for a secondary color
Secondary Blue
PMS 2995 C
Hex #00A8E2
C: 81  M: 12  Y: 1  K: 0
R: 0  G: 168  B: 226
Truman color palette includes blue for a secondary color

University Logos

Since all Truman logos are trademarked, you will need to request permission from the Office of Publications if you plan to use a Truman logo; contact Teresa Wheeler, twheeler@truman.edu, (660) 785-4692.

Licensed Vendors: If you are a licensed vendor, you will have access to all the logos through the licensing website; see more details about Trademarks and Licensing at identity.truman.edu/licensing/.

The Publications Office will supply you with the appropriate logo. This helps the University know how the University logo is being used and provides an opportunity to reinforce the logo guidelines so all logos are used in a consistent manner.
To request a high-resolution digital file of a Truman logo, email your request to Teresa Wheeler in the Publications Office, twheeler@truman.edu. Please state which logo you need along with a description of how the logo will be used.
The official logo for Truman athletics is the Truman Bulldog logo. It may be used with or without the Bulldog “T” behind it. For any variations of this logo, contact Winston Vanderhoof in the Publications Office, ad96@trumna.edu, (660) 785-4128.
Please contact the Office of Publications, and they will help you design an alternative that can be used; contact Teresa Wheeler, twheeler@truman.edu, (660) 785-4692.
The Truman “T” is not to be used to replace a “t” at the beginning of a word or within a word.

Proper Use of University Names

When the University changed its name from Northeast Missouri State University to Truman State University, those involved in the long and involved process to make that name change become a reality felt it was important that we promote the full name of the University in all instances. They had come across too many situations where NMSU was often confused with other universities with the same NMSU initials. At the time of the name change, there were at least six other universities with the initials TSU.

It is important to note, that TSU can be used anytime, as long as the words Truman State University also appear on the item.

It is the preference to include either “Truman” or “Truman State University.” However, “Truman” or “Truman State University” should not be used as part of the organization’s name and should be listed separately.

For example:

Club Volleyball printed in large letters with Truman or Truman State University printed below the words “Club Volleyball”

Truman State University Club Volleyball

Items Produced by University Departments & Schools/Specialized Logos

It is the preference that items promoting Truman go through the Publications Office. They will know what needs to be included, such as using the color purple, the Truman logo, and the tagline. For more information, contact Teresa Wheeler, twheeler@truman.edu, (660) 785-4692.
The Truman logo should be what the viewer is connected with on items such as letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc. Each academic department and school logo is available; contact the Publications Office.
A logo can be created for a special campaign or a program that has a very targeted audience. The words Truman or Truman State University need to be included when promoting a campaign or as part of the logo that is created. It is preferred that the Truman logo be included when possible for information promoting these programs.
When a group or organization has created a design, such as a T-shirt design, it will need to be approved. If you have gone through the Publications Office, you will not need approval since they will follow the guidelines. If you had the design created elsewhere, you will need to send it to Publications to have it approved. Some designs may require review by the Branding Committee, so please allow extra time.

More Resources:

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Can’t find an answer to your question?

Send your question to Teresa Wheeler in the Publications Office, twheeler@truman.edu.