University Logo

When using Truman State University’s official logo, you should follow established standards to ensure consistency for all logo usage. All uses of any Truman State University logo require approval of the artwork and samples. Logos must be used as described. No modification or colors, proportion or verbiage are allowed.
Official Truman State University Logo

Guidelines for Using the Official University Logo

  1. When reproducing the logo on a white or light-colored background, either the one- or two-color version of the logo may be used.
  2. When reproducing the logo on a black or dark background, only the one-color version of the logo should be reversed out of the background.
  3. When the logo appears reversed out of imagery, elements should not interfere with the readability of the logo.
  4. Do not remove the cupola or any other element from the logo.
  5. Do not place the logo at an angle, use as a screen tint, or scale disproportionately.
  6. Do not use the “R” or the “A” of the logo as part of something else.
  7. Do not place the logo on a patterned background.
  8. Any use of a tagline or information with the logo must maintain a distance of at least 2X the cap height of STATE UNIVERSITY, measured from the baseline of STATE UNIVERSITY to the top of tagline cap height.
The cupola, lines and the words “Truman State University” make up the University logo. The elements of the University logo must always be used together as a unit.

The cupola (image above the “U”) may be used alone as a graphic element or combined with type other than the words Truman State University. It cannot have elements added to it without approval by the Publications Office. The color is decided by its use.
Minimum size for the logo is 1.5″ wide (business card size).
The logo has been created in both one-color and two-color versions. The artwork for these varies slightly and therefore the colors cannot be switched.

One-color logo: Logo may be printed in Black or PMS 2607 C Purple* or reversed out of a dark background (logo becomes white). Any color substitutions need to be approved by the Publications Office.

Two-color logo: Logo artwork varies slightly from its single color application and must be used exclusively as designed with the designated color breaks. The designated colors are PMS 2607 C Purple* and PMS 872 Gold. The colors must be used at 100% and never as screens or tints.

*To match the PMS 2607 C Purple used for the Truman logo, here are other color options:

  • CMYK: C=86 M=100 Y=10 K=1
  • RGB: R=81 G=11 B=118
  • Hex: #510b76

The logo is a modified version of the typeface Trajan. Any accompanying slogan or tagline should be set in Trajan, Adobe Garamond, Times New Roman or a sans serif font (such as Futura or Helvetica). Whenever possible, the logo should be used. When space does not permit use of the logo, use the name TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY in all caps.

Have questions or need to request a digital file?

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