About Truman’s Brand Identity

A brand is a promise — in the case of Truman, a promise of an uncommon undergraduate experience that enables students to turn intellectual pursuits and connections into action.

A brand allows us to tell the Truman story to a variety of audiences in a powerful way that resonates with each audience. A brand is true, honest and accurate, and it is built upon the attributes and strengths that truly characterize Truman.

Truman’s brand positioning guides our communication efforts and is a vital part of the University’s mission and vision. It inspires, motivates and reinforces a sense of unity and confidence among all in the Truman community.

Logo Guidelines

The guide addresses requirements for using the logo such as color, size, and typeface.

Logo Guidelines

The Publications Office and the Public Relations Office provide guidelines to help Truman State University present consistent, unified messages and images showcasing the University.

Publications Office
Truman State University
Kirk Building 210
100 E. Normal Ave.
Kirksville, MO 63501
Phone: (660) 785-4692

Public Relations Office
Truman State University
McClain Hall 202
100 E. Normal Ave.
Kirksville, MO 63501
Phone: (660) 785-4016
Fax: (660) 785-4019