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Brand Colors

The approved Primary and Secondary Colors of Truman should be used when applying any aspect of the Truman Identity when possible. For applications where full color isn’t available, the use of Black and White is acceptable.

Primary Purple
PMS 2607 C
Hex #510C76
C: 82  M: 100  Y: 18  K:12
R: 81  G: 12  B: 118
Truman purple
Secondary Gold
PMS 872 C
Hex #87714D
C: 43  M: 48  Y: 74 K: 18
R: 135  G: 113  B: 77
Truman color palette includes gold for a secondary color
Secondary Blue
PMS 2995 C
Hex #00A8E2
C: 81  M: 12  Y: 1  K: 0
R: 0  G: 168  B: 226
Truman color palette includes blue for a secondary color

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